Frequently asked questions

    • Robertsons is one of our leading brands in the market. For its long and outstanding existence in the

      market, Robertsons products need changes to keep up with growing consumer trends and removal of MSG was the first selected option with the purpose of making our products more consumer friendly and being available to the consumer that have concerns around usage of MSG. 

      The removal of MSG in Robertsons has undergone various sensory evaluations to ensure that the product still delivers the same great quality taste that Robertsons brings to your food. 

    • Similar to glutamate occurring naturally in foods such as cheese, milk, mushrooms, meat, fish and vegetables, monosodium glutamate (MSG) enhances natural aromas present in foods. It has been safely used for more than a hundred years to balance the savoury taste in bouillons, seasonings and savoury snacks. MSG helps offering great tasting and affordable foods, and it can help to reduce the salt content of foods, thereby supporting consumers to lower their salt intakes without giving in on taste (for more on salt reduction targets and performance click link:

      MSG is a food ingredient used widely and proven to be safe in scientific studies and confirmed by regulatory authorities around the world. However, we recognise that some consumers have questions about food containing MSG or might have a preference for MSG-free products. Therefore we include MSG in the ingredient list so that people can see when it has been added to our products, and we provide choices by offering a range of foods without added MSG. 

    • Cool, dry place. But also ensure that you minimize the use over a steaming pot as the moisture might cause the spice to lump or go hard. 

    • This is likely due to moisture uptake from the environment during use and storage of the spice blend. We use pure herbs and spices in our products with some extra special ingredients to give you more flavour. This combination is sensitive to high humidity, so if exposed for a prolonged period to steam or the atmosphere lumping might occur. 

    • Yes, All the Robertsons products are still certified Halaal by SANHA and Kosher certified by UOS. 

    • Our cinnamon is globally sourced and being a natural food ingredient there are situations of crop inconsistency. To obtain a perfect blend for flavour delivery in food dishes, Robertsons used to mix cinnamon and cassia. Both cinnamon and cassia indeed belong to the same family of plants (and even the same genus – cinnamomum) and hence used interchangeably with an addition cinnamon flavour at 0.5% to maintain flavour at all times during its shelf-life.

      However, as part of the Robertsons natural journey, Robertsons now offers pure steam treated cinnamon with no added flavours that maintains and delivers consistent flavour in your Robertsons Ground Cinnamon. Pure cinnamon that is not blended with cassia will be more fragrant and aromatic. 

  • Regulation change demands weight declaration for ground herbs and spices where we are currently

    declaring volume (i.e. 100ml). For consistency and clarity for the consumer (we regularly receive consumer complaints around conversion between ml and gram and perceived discrepancy between bottle and cartons) we decided to change to gram weight declaration across the total bottle range. 

  • Please ensure you use a dry spoon to scoop out your desired quantity of product from the sachet. 
    NEVER decant product directly from the sachet over a hot/steaming pot. Once used, ensure that the sachet is closed as tight as possible and placed back into the carton. Store the product in a cool, dry place.

  • Please ensure that the sachet is closed as tight as possible and placed back into the carton. Store the product in a cool, dry place.